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Issuing time:2021-04-21 15:09

Butt Fusion MachineSHY1200

Thismachine is designed for butt welding of pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting of PEPP PVDF and other thermo-plastic materials.It can work in trenches,worksite andworkshop,and it is an ideal joining equipment for water and gas supplypipelines.

1. Detaching device is especially designedto break off melted pipes end from the heating plate on the expiry of heatingup.

2. Safety switch enables the trimmer tostart only when it is located in the operation position.3. A mechanical lockexcludes the disengagement of the trimmer during the operation

4. Removable heating plate with DuPont highquality non-stick PTFE coating, and also equipped with digital temperaturecontroller

5. Low temperature difference in heatingplate surface, within 5 degree

6. Steel stand for trimmer & heatingplate is with location pin for heating plate for carrying protection.

7. Incorporated with large easy to readscale pressure gauge, accumulator, pressure regulation valve, swing checkvalve, high pressure hoses, and quick couplers

8. Imported oil seal & I quick couplers

9. Fine operation panel with clearly strongmeshing printing characters.

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